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 Crossrides - Email to Bushiroad, a public letter

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PostSubject: Crossrides - Email to Bushiroad, a public letter   2012-09-22, 20:36

If you have already sent the email, please re-send to the new address. Bushiroad is considering it through the Singapore site, not international.
This is an email I've sent to Bushiroad. Please send this email (or your own version) to them as well. This is to help make a better game for everyone. If we don't act, our game could hit the gutter in the West. Please make edits where appropriate.

Their email is:

Quote :
Dear Bushiroad,

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this email. And thank all of you on the Bushiroad staff for working so hard to create such a wonderful and balanced card game for me and people like me to enjoy. I've had a very exhilarating experience playing Cardfight Vanguard for the past [INSERT TIME]. This has instantly become my favorite trading card game, often marveling at the core mechanics and how well each card is balanced so well around them. I come before you with a plea. There are actually two cards in the upcoming set, possibly three, that do not fit the typical formula of a "balanced" card. These are Phantom Blaster Overlord, Dragonic Overlord the End and Majesty Lord Blaster. So game changing are these cards, that every other deck that is not them, must conform to their new standards—often alienating existing strategies and cards. The problem with the West is that we all do not play games casually. Once we realize that something is Pareto optimal, the large majority of Western players will play that and only that thing. This happens time and again with every other card game on the market except for English Cardfight Vanguard and is actually a major selling point for many Western players.

The ability to have such a balanced game where nothing is truly "top tier" and therefore very difficult to beat, is an appealing feature to us. The West is very competitive in this way. It's generally looked down upon, especially in the United States, to play decks which are non-optimal or not "top". If you were to release the three cards mentioned before as they are printed in Japan, the West would be overcome with them, and have no variety other than these cards. I find time and again that Bushiroad is a company that cares about its players, reads the feedback they send and responds to the player desire. I've been very impressed and happy to see this sort of behavior from a gaming company—that which is not typical in this industry. And this is why I, and many others, request that the three cards be toned down for the Western market due to its competitive nature. Having a 13000 vanguard on both turns is the cause of many ruined strategies all across the board. Including now practically unusable cards. It leaves very little room for creativity and diversity in deck design. What's worse is the skill of Dragonic Overlord the End standing itself but not losing the "Twin Drive!!" skill, as every other self-standing unit does. We feel that these changes are necessary and important for a long-lasting game that appeals to this audience and hope that you understand. It would even be perfectly fine if the cards were to not be released at all, if changes could not be made. Such a split of OCG and TCG could be desirable as a last resort.

I thank you very much for all of your hard work, and hope to Ride many more times in the future.


Email Response: "We have noted your request and we will take it into consideration as we plan the release of the English Version VGE-BT05, Booster Pack Vol.5 "Awakening of Twin Blades". We will forward your concerns to the relevant department for proper analysis. We would also like to reassure you that we take our players' opinions seriously and, should we deem it necessary, we will take appropriate action to ensure our game remains enjoyable for everyone."

Looks like it's all taken care of folks, all that remains is to wait.

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Crossrides - Email to Bushiroad, a public letter
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