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 V-Mundi Format

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PostSubject: V-Mundi Format   2012-10-25, 06:31

This community is now officially a No-Crossride format. Crossrides have been shown to [Only admins are allowed to see this link] the mechanics of the game. Bushiroad has decided that this is the direction they wish to take Vanguard. Since the rest of us don't wish to have our card libraries be completely obsoleted by this, this community now invokes a format wherein Crossrides are banned. I believe this will promote further community interaction without the need for dispersal. This will encourage fun and fair play for all who wish to participate in this community and provide a healthy alternative to the mainstream broken format that is to come. In addition, we will now observe further rules for the community:

You'd have to be an idiot to think V-Mundi is Bushiroad. Obviously everything here only applies to our community.

-Cardfights and Discussion are defaulted to English.
This is to encourage the use of only the English-based format with its available library. Discussion of the Japanese cards and format is still allowed, but will now be discouraged from being posted in English decklist threads and threads that originate about English format cards. Please post these in new threads and make some distinction that you are speaking of Japanese cards.

-No Cardfights from this site shall be done with Crossride units.
These units include any unit that has a CONT skill gaining Power +2000 or more simply for having another unit in the soul. Any unit with this skill is considered a "Crossride" and thus shall not be used by any member in V-Mundi format games. All games are to be considered V-Mundi format by default and both players must agree beforehand to use any other format. Crossride use outside of consensual unofficial play is considered unsportsmanlike conduct. Because this policy is to promote fair play among all members, violation of it will be met with temporary suspension on a level befitting the conduct.
The preceeding policies are to be effective immediately upon the date of February 23rd, 2013.

-There will be no strategic discussion forum that includes Crossride units and formats for Crossride units.
Because this site operates on a V-Mundi default format, discussion of the English and Japanese formats that include Crossrides should not occur in the strategic discussion forums. If you wish to voice your opinion about them for some reason, please seek out some other appropriate forum. We will not be including decklists or strategies for or against Crossrides as that is not the format that this site represents. Discussion of Crossrides is still allowed in News threads and similar, as Bushiroad sees fit to continue to release them.
This policy is to be enacted immediately.

A personal note:
The recent show of good faith from Bushiroad has me seeing fit to once again buy their products. We'll see how long this lasts in the English game, but the willingness to fix a stale and broken metagame in Japan goes a long way. It has a longer way to go still, but if this is any indication of how they will treat English, I can get on board with that.
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V-Mundi Format
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