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 Traesive's Battle Data

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PostSubject: Traesive's Battle Data   2012-11-19, 21:33


Grade 0
x1 Lizard Soldier, Conroe -Starter-
x4 Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa -Critical-
x4 Embodiment of Spear, Tahr -Critical-
x4 Blue Ray Dracokid -Critical-
x4 Dragon Monk, Genjo -Heal-

Grade 1
x4 Wyvern Guard, Barri
x4 Embodiment of Armour, Bahr
x3 Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara
x2 Flame of Hope, Aermo
x1 Lizard Soldier, Raopia

Grade 2
x4 Dragon Knight, Nehalem
x4 Berserk Dragon
x2 Wyvern Strike, Tejas

Grade 3
x4 Dragon Monk, Goku
x3 Dragonic Overlord
x2 Dragonic Waterfall

Grade 0
x1 Fullbau -Starter-
x4 Grim Reaper -Critical-
x4 Darkside Trumpeter -Stand-
x4 Abyss Freezer -Draw-
x4 Abyss Healer -Heal-

Grade 1
x4 Dark Shield, Mac Lir 4/4 Proxied
x4 Black Sage, Charon
x4 Gururubau
x4 Blaster Javelin

Grade 2
x3 Cursed Lancer
x3 Darkness Maiden, Macha 3/3 Proxied
x2 Blaster Dark 2/2 Proxied
x1 Skull Witch, Nemain 1/1 Proxied

Grade 3
x4 Origin Mage, Ildona
x2 The Dark Dictator
x1 Dark Mage, Badb Catha
x1 Phantom Blaster Dragon 1/1 Proxied

Grade 0
x1 Black Dragon Whelp, Vortimer -Starter-
x4 Silent Punisher -Critical-
x4 Flame of Victory -Critical-
x4 Weapons Dealer, Gwydion -Draw-
x4 Elixir Sommelier -Heal-

Grade 1
x4 Halo Shield, Mark 2/4 Proxied
x4 Scout of Darkness, Vortimer
x2 Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth
x2 Sleygal Dagger
x2 Player of the Holy Axe, Nimue

Grade 2
x4 Black Dragon Knight, Vortimer
x4 Player of the Holy Bow, Viviane 4/4 Proxied
x3 Mage of Calamity, Tripp

Grade 3
x4 Spectral Duke Dragon
x4 Gigantech Destroyer

Currently only card fighting on Byond and other digital media. I'll be willing to play on Skype and in real life a while after Set 4: Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows arrives. Don't feel like using proxies :T

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Traesive's Battle Data
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