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 ShinkenRed's Battle Data

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PostSubject: ShinkenRed's Battle Data   2012-11-20, 00:49

Great Nature's 'Tom and Jerry Show'

NOTE:This is a Japanese deck, which means some of the cards here is still not available in English meta yet. According to VMF which strongly discourages use of Japanese decks, you reserve any right to reject me when I ask you for cardfighting. Be aware of this when you are playing with me.


Grade 0:
Blackboard Ohm x1 (Starter)
Ruler Chameleon x4
Triangle Cobra x2
General Cat x3
Eraser Alpaca x2
Alarm Chicken x1
Dictionary Goat x4

Grade 1:
Pencil Squire, Hammsuke x4
Loop-the-Loop, Duckbill x4
Stamp Sea-Otter x3
Cable Sheep x3

Grade 2:
Pencil Knight, Hammsuke x4
Binoculars Tiger x4
Compass Lion x3

Grade 3:
Pencil Knight, Hammsuke x4
School Hunter, Leopald x4

Available Time: 2nd week of December
EDIT: More assignments to enjoy, so I will be unavailable until the end of this month.

Skype: Creating one soon, to be updated.
Byond: ShinkenRed

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PostSubject: Re: ShinkenRed's Battle Data   2012-11-20, 07:21

Thread locked until you fix this. You have cards from Set 8. Read the rules

Do not post replies to your topic unless they are win data. Read the rules

Do not post replies to other people. Read the rules Epideme

Take note: opponents can refuse matches with Japanese printed cards even if there are English equivalents. VMF is a strictly English format. Specify in your decklist that it is Japanese
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PostSubject: Re: ShinkenRed's Battle Data   2012-11-26, 21:15

No you apparently do not understand the rules that you apparently didn't fully read yet again. You are not allowed to use Japanese-only released cards. Disclaimer or not.

The only time you can use Japanese-printed cards are if English prints exist of them. So all this shit like Compass Lion and Duckbill HAS to go. And no you can not mix jap and eng prints in the same deck because of card stock differences. The only thing your disclaimer can do is warn people that the english-format you're playing is printed in Japanese. That's it.
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PostSubject: Re: ShinkenRed's Battle Data   

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ShinkenRed's Battle Data
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