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 Discuss your locals

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Some Gamer Dude


PostSubject: Re: Discuss your locals   2013-02-24, 20:53

Alice wrote:
junri wrote:
but I am not looking forward to BT05.
Only juvenile tards and powerhungry baddies are.

Hey. I, and I presume my friend, take great offence at that. We only wanted Set 5 for Murakumo, DI, Pale Moon, DP, Neo Nectar and a couple of Nova. Murakumo, Neo Nectar, DP and DI primarily. All that expensive stuff goes in the trade binder for stuff we need for Nova, Angel Feathers and maybe Royals(I could do with a SSD).


Yesterday sure was interesting. A person at our locals, one of the 'every week they can' types like my friend and I gave my friend and I over 2 boxes of Set 5, minus Shadows, Royals and The End. He said he didn't want the space taken up and just wanted to get rid of them. We have 4 boxes coming for the aforementioned cards, plus trades to get missing things, I don't know about what Rs my friend needs, but I need only 2 Midnight Crow, 3 Leaves Mirage, 2 Mandala Lord, 1 Voidgelga and 1 Bloody Mist to have 4x Murakumo. I also ended up with 2 Beelzebub, 1 being SP, thinking of trying him out at this rate. My friend now just needs 3 Miracle Beauty, 3 Trailing Rose, 3 Glass Beads and 2 Blossom Rain.

Anyway, as I didn't have time to sort the cards for Shirley and Dark Soul Conductor for Stil Vampir, I decided to go with Narukami instead of my normal Spikes, which assures 1st 90% of the time. I had field problems, and only won 2/3 games, both against kids. I... wasn't too happy and I'm fixing it. But what amazed me was my friend got 1st, with Granblue. He was equally as shocked, he's had problems since day 1 and never really done well wih it, but the tweaks we did the other day seemed to have really done the trick. IIRC, he fought Royals, Golds and Shadows, the last of which being one of the better players and was using PBO.
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PostSubject: Re: Discuss your locals   2013-02-24, 22:50

So yesterday my friends came late and couldn't register for the Gatecrash Game Day across the street from the shop where people usually play Vanguard around my area. So we decided to go get a few Magic packs for a 5 person draft instead of milling about the place while a tournament was going on. Got our packs, went to food court to play, had a good time and came back to return the lands we borrowed. Took a quick peek around the store. Alright, so the usable floor space of this place is literally maybe 6 metres by 12 metres. There were maybe... two dozen people around? There was a tournament going on. In any case, there were 5 matches going on and here were the match ups:

Ji Endo vs. Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter vs. Ji Endo
Retro Paladins (Alfred, etc.) vs. Bermudas (!!!)
Murakumo vs. MLB
MLB vs. Spectral Duck

Wow. No more Saturday visits from now on, I guess.
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Argroh Valdios


PostSubject: Re: Discuss your locals   2013-04-20, 14:14

I just wish I could find anyone in my area that plays...

The closest marked stores in my area are deep in Mississauga, and I'm in pretty much the far west edge of the GTA.
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PostSubject: Re: Discuss your locals   

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Discuss your locals
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