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 Getting rid of Cardfight collection

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PostSubject: Getting rid of Cardfight collection   2013-03-01, 17:28

Hello I have decided to get rid of my entire
Cardfight bunch except for my favorite clan. I am looking for a few
remaing cards but they are not really high prioriety. I am going to list
all the rares and above. But if its for the entire bunch all the
commons which I will guess is over 500.

Here is the list.



1x Giraffa *incoming*
2x ruin shade
1x nightmare doll alice
5x Top idol pacifica *3 are incoming*
2x top idol riviere *1 is incoming*
3x Dragonic overlord *two foil td and 1 nonfoil*

2x mirror demon
2x dudley emperor
1x cosmo beak
2x deadly swordmaster
1x vortex dragon
1x Dragon Knight , Aleph
2xLizard Soldier , Conroe
1x Maiden of Libra
1x maiden of trailing rose
1x illonist robert
1x crimson beast tamer.
1x Edel Rose
1x.sleygal dagger
1x top idol lena
2x top idol flores
1x *****marl
4x Pearl sister Perle
3 Pearl sister Perla

4x no life king, death anchor
3x triple dark armor
1x Beaker Holstein
1x Sword emperor Dragonic Valblade
1x Blackmane Witch
5x Knowledge Drunkard
4x Holy Diaster Dragon
2x High Dog Breeder , Seiran
2x omlette
1x darkside pegasus

4x treasured black panther
1x Dragon Egg
3x turquoise Beast Tamer
1x Toypugal
2x Evil Eye Bassillisk
1x Hades Ringmaster
4x Dunbgell Kangaroo
1x Midnight Invader
4x Monster Frank
2x Sky witch NaNA
2x Oracle Guardian Blue Eye
1x Hades Carriage of the Witching Hour
1x Barking Cerberus
1x Pencil squire Hammuske
3x Thermometer Giraffe
3x Three star Chef Pietre
2x Master Swordsman Nightstorm
3x Deadly Nightmare
3x Skeleton Demon World Knight
2x Commodore Blueblood
1x Luck Bird
1x Tyrant Deathrex
1x Battleraizer
1x Stealth Dragon, Voidmaster
3x Beast Knight, Garmore
4x grade 0 riviere
4x grade 2 riviere
5x mermaid wendell
1x toxic soldier
4 Mermaid idol flute
1x Mermaid idol flores
1x apocalypse bat
1x super idol ceram
1x lop ear messanger
2x vermillion gatekeeper
1x bewitching officer butterfly
1x pupa giraffa

I might be getting more bermuda stuff tommorow.

Money. I will look at realistic offers for the collection or singles.

I would also be interested in trading for a Magic collection
And will look at magic lists.

Paper mario 3ds
Pokemon Black or white 2
Sly cooper Hd collection
Ratchet and Clank hd collection
Metal gear solid uprising

Nintendo 3ds XL

Wii U

2x dudley emperor
1x cheer girl marlyn
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PostSubject: Re: Getting rid of Cardfight collection   2013-03-30, 22:07

Why is Dudley Emperor under both Want and Have? lol

At any rate, what's your value on Dudley Emperor, Death Anchor, Knowledge Drunkard?
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Getting rid of Cardfight collection
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