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 Language arguments

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PostSubject: Re: Language arguments   2013-04-11, 10:52

Alice, did you just apply an objective perspective on Language? I am not even sure that makes any sense at all. If words and thus the language are absolute, then double entendres would be meaningless, poetry would be the same as any treatise and misunderstandings would be impossible.

English was not created; unlike math, it does not have absolute rules, nor is it even able to convey intent accurately. Consider the following (in a scenario where I am talking to you):
"We are going to the pool"

Does this:
A: Mean you, me and our two friends are going to the pool
B: Me and my two friends are going to the pool

The reason I bring this up is that without dictionaries, how else was i supposed to learn english? Language is subjective and nowhere is this more present than when you observe the lacunas that exists between the worlds languages. I do know that decimate meant to destroy 1/10, but I am not going to waste my time correcting people, it not like their intent was ambiguous.
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PostSubject: Re: Language arguments   2013-04-11, 13:18

My favorite part about playing vanguard is when players use proper grammar to structure their sentences in a way that, when coupled with contextual information, completely removes all ambiguity about what they are trying to communicate.

After all, the concept of 'Proper English' is built on the premise that if communication conforms to certain guidelines, English speakers will always be able to communicate efficiently with each other.

When teaching a new player the rules of vanguard, it's very important to use correct terminology and reference the right symbols so that they don't learn the game wrong and struggle in playing against people who weren't taught the same way that they were. Even though those two players would be capable of struggling their way through the match and more or less figure out their opponents' respective lingo, the fact that there is an agreed-upon "proper" term for each minute aspect of the game means that there is always a "best" way to communicate your moves to your opponent.

after all, isn't it a bit rude to place the burden of clarifying your own words onto your opponent?

(alright, alright, I promise that's my last post on this irrelevant, distraction of a subtopic.)
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PostSubject: Re: Language arguments   2013-04-11, 14:03

I swear to....

I'm going ban the next person who even mentions words.
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PostSubject: Language arguments   2013-04-11, 14:51

I thought you closed this topic.
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PostSubject: Re: Language arguments   

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Language arguments
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