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 Silvest! Cray's monarchy... who sits at the top?

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DJ Kipps

DJ Kipps

PostSubject: Silvest! Cray's monarchy... who sits at the top?   2013-04-21, 06:44

I wish to discuss Silvest! I know it cant be used however what Silvest stands for is whats truly important. GRADE 4s!!!! So whats your view on the concept/addition of grade 4s to vanguard? More specifically, do you think Silvest is balanced or broken? Do you think Silvest would have been okay to keep around? In a world of Dragonic Overlord, The End I cant see why it couldn't stay but I also see why it didn't.

Whats Bad (why it could stay)
1) Its a grade 4 which messes around with the ratios
2) ....... the grade 4 thing is all I got

Whats Good (why it went)
1) 13000 base, its basically a Palamedes in the rear guard
2) Hits 23000 unboosted if its skill is online, (easily hits 4 stage on cross rides and 5 stage on 11000 or lower) (the skill has no cost)
3) Its also grade 4... its good too... isn't to picky which grade 3 its on to be at 13000

So what do you guys think?
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PostSubject: Re: Silvest! Cray's monarchy... who sits at the top?   2013-04-21, 06:59

Alice says:

At first I freaked out on Grade 4s. Then I was neutral. Now I realize it's still broken. I hate the idea of just lol1up The problem I have with shit like Sylvest is if you think a 68% chance to get a 4-copy Grade 3 is too high (for Hamburger-Time), imagine when you can ride over any Grade 3 in your deck with the Grade 4. It basically becomes crossriding-only. And we already know how reliable crossriding is. Riding Grade 3 with 7 copies (room for G4s) by Turn 3 is about 89%. And then you can just sit on it till you get Grade 4. The only thing making this even slightly balanced is you can not realistically run more than 2 Grade 4s. While that's good for balance, it's bad for the game because it just becomes chance-based. It's "who can ride Grade 4 fastest). This game really was not meant for this crap.

Also yes, adding that CR need a Grade 3 chances exactly nothing. Since the whole point is to CR in the first place and it's a 68% chance anyway.

Here: http://vmundi.forumotion.com/t234-Hamburger-Time-bickering-again
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Silvest! Cray's monarchy... who sits at the top?
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