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 April Reveals

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PostSubject: April Reveals   2013-04-24, 21:50

(Note: Some information in this thread may not be 100%. You will know when the images are posted to their respective set threads by a member of staff).

BT11 seems to be in stores hand and KKA is due soon. Post all relevant shit here please.

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PostSubject: Re: April Reveals   2013-04-24, 22:46

Left: Genesis - Mice Guard, (not sure). Gigantech Destroyer clone
Right: Tachikaze - Savage Hunter. Witch of Wolves Saffron/Dignified Gold Dragon clone

All 3 are Witch of Owls Paprika clones: +3k on attack when a LB4 unit is on your field.
Left: Angel Feather - Capsule Gift Nurse
Middle: Tachikaze - Savage Archer
Right: Kagero - (couldn't guess on the name)

All 3 are Snipe Snake clones: CB1 to +3k when boosting a LB4 unit.
Left: Drug Store Nurse
Middle: (Something Kagero)
Right: Savage Illuminator

Kagero damage exploders.

4k starters with "[Put in soul] When boosting a LB4 unit on successful vanguard hit, pay cost and draw 1 card" for Angel, Aqua, Kagero.

Genesis damage exploders.

Left: (something Celestial Iekun?): [Discard 1 card] When called to RG, if you have a face-up Solidify Celestial, Zerachiel in damage zone, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw 1.
Right: (Dragon Knight Rutofu?): CB1 Kagero for +4k until end of battle.

Left: Eradicator starter with Margal effect. Wikia's calling it "Flag of Raijin, Corposant" from when Naoki used it in the anime.
Right: Aqua Force sort-of-clone of Garnet Dragon, Flash (+3k to any AqF unit on successful vanguard hit), but has 10k power instead of Garnet's 9k and only works on RG.

Left: Vanilla Tachikaze heal.
Middle: Lizard Soldier Ryojin(?): Narukami, on attack it gains +3k if your opponent has 2 or less RGs.
Right: Dragon Dancer Julia. Narukami Devil Summoner clone.
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PostSubject: Re: April Reveals   2013-04-25, 03:18


Blaster Dark Revenger and a handful of new Daigo set cards.

BD Revenger is a direct clone of BB Liberator; CB2 on call or ride to retire a front-row RG (if your VG is a Revenger).

Left: Battle Flag Knight(?), Constance - CB2 on vanguard hit to search and call a Grade 1 or less Royal Paladin.
Right: Dedicated "soulblast 1, +5k" booster for Sanctuary Guard Dragon.

Rendgal: When called to RG from the deck, gets +3k until end of turn

Regret Jewel Knight, Urien(?): The ACT CB1 for +1k clone thing.

Daigo set decklist

1 Sanctuaryguard Dragon
2 Dignified Silver Dragon
4 Bors (haven't seen you in a while)

4 Lamorak
4 Gallatin
1 Battle Flag Knight, Constance
1 Pathetic Jewel Knight, Owain
2 Gordon

4 Marron
4 Regret Jewel Knight, Urien
4 Rendgal
2 (Sanctuary's Charjgal-clone)

Starting Legend, Ambrosius (Starter)
Rainbow triggers (Epona Govannon Flogal Elaine)


G3 searcher for Genesis.
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PostSubject: Re: April Reveals   

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April Reveals
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