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 V*Mundi Circuit 2013 Tournament

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PostSubject: V*Mundi Circuit 2013 Tournament   V*Mundi Circuit 2013 Tournament Empty2013-04-26, 14:17

V*Mundi Circuit 2013 Tournament DE4UcDA
V*Mundi Circuit 2013 Tournament

If you're tired of Bushiroad's best-of-one elimination format, if you're sick of going to time only to lose because you happened to have one more damage than your opponent, if you're fed up with poor organization, and if you're mad at all of the useless uncertified and totally unqualified judges running around....then you're in the right place.

The VMC13 presents an alternate, fan-run version of Cardfight Vanguard tournaments. It's time to take this into our own hands and show the big dogs what we expect from them. Worst case scenario, they ignore our pleas and we keep having fun with these tournaments. Anyone can run a VMC13 tournament if they can pass the Judge Test (below) at HJ or Head Judge level. Aside from this making you a competent TO or Tournament Organizer, it would also make sure every tournament has a certified Head Judge guaranteed.

The packet with information about how to run the game, including starting fresh from square zero as if you've never run a tournament, and as if you don't even have a location yet; is below. It will walk you through a successful tournament from the start step to the end step and make you accountable for the integrity of its results. The penalties are changed somewhat and the floor rules deserve a re-read.

Note to those who are wary: This format does not at all ban or restrict (or un-restrict) any Cardfight Vanguard cards. All cards that are normally legal are legal, and all cards normally restricted are restricted. Tournament Organizers are allowed (and encouraged!) to change card allowance lists at their whim and even hold special types of tournament formats such as same-Nation only team fights.

Judge Test
Now let's talk about the hard part: Passing the Judge Test. It's difficult but not impossible and doing it will open up an avenue for running tournaments or judging in them. This is the main feature of VMC13--bringing actual integrity to the game. The way to give yourself the best chance at passing this judge test is to do as follows:

  • Take the test only when you have about an hour of completely spare time
  • Do not take the test with any distractions such as doing homework, studying, or running your store
  • Get at least a nap or a full nights rest after you study and before you take the test. The human brain commits more to learning during sleep
  • Read the packet materials in their entirety. If you don't, you absolutely will fail. Don't skip anything. Do not skim. Read. The test was specifically designed to fail skimmers and it works spectacularly
  • When reading the packet materials, make notes of things that jump out at you. Be sure to study procedure related things, penalties, and the roles of what judges, head judges, and TOs can each do
  • Read the entire paragraph on the actual test page before beginning the test. It has important information about the test
  • Read every single question carefully and thoroughly. Read each answer carefully and thoroughly. If you don't, the test was designed to fail you. The mark of a good judge is listening and understanding
  • The test expects you to use your brain and logic. Does a judge count as a witness? Of course. What does the timekeeper do? Obvious. Use logic to solve a few of these. In a real situation, you may not have all the information all the time and you may have to rely on your good reasoning skills
  • The test always assumes you are a J-level (regular judge) unless specifically stated otherwise. The test always assumes it is a serious tournament, not a casual tournament, unless specified

Taking the Test
To take the judge test right now, do the following. Go to:

  1. Register on that site as a "STUDENT". Make sure to use the same or similar username as here
  2. After logging in, click the "Search" tab to look for a course
  3. Search for "V*Mundi Circuit 2013" course and join it
  4. Take the Judge's test in the course. It should always be available
  6. Take the test

If you pass with 80% or higher, you will be J-level certified and can be a floor judge. If you pass with 90% or higher, you will be HJ-level or Head Judge certified and can become a TO. Regardless of how you pass, you will be contacted to go over what you missed (so you're fully prepared for the adventure ahead) and with prize support so you can run your tournament with prizes (optional).

Tournament Packet
Rar file containing draft of the Floor Rules, Penalties, TO instructions, and worksheets for the tournament. Basically includes everything you'd need except the prizes.

Packet for the tournaments. v1.1
mediafire.com download.php?e5mp5mao7bfiuqb

These are some nation flag deck dividers I've designed as part of the prize packet. You can go to Staples or Kinkos, or any public print company, and have these printed super cheap (ten cents a sheet) on either glossy 60lb card stock or printingplastic and they will look professional and nice. The images shown here are NOT fit for printing, so trying to do so will likely just result in ruin. Enjoy~






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V*Mundi Circuit 2013 Tournament
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