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 My current Nova Grappler Deck.

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PostSubject: My current Nova Grappler Deck.   2013-06-08, 10:30

Alright, this is the list for my current Nova Grappler deck. I am aware that it is currently lacking Twin Bladers, but sadly I am on a bit of a budget and can't afford to go out and but them for another week or two. In any case, they will be here as soon as possible. In regards to anything else, any comments and questions would be welcome. I have included reasoning for each unit I have used in the deck as well, so as to clear up as many questions as possible.

-Grade 3-
Asura Kaiser x3 – Ideally, will be the grade three ridden to reach grade three.
Beast Deity Azure Dragon x4 – Used based upon the situation, can be ridden once persona blast can be accomplished, or can be called to rearguard for extra pressure. (Note: Can also be the target of Beast Deity White Tiger’s skill if called to rearguard.)
Ultimate Lifeform Cosmolord x2 – Used to allow consistency in Asura Kaiser’s skill. Used over other potential options out of personal preference.

-Grade 2-
Death Army Lady x4 – Used due to outstanding synergy with Asura Kaiser.
King of Sword x4 – Used simply for pressure, or to abuse 10k vanguard via Queen of Heart.
Brutal Jack x3 – Literally the only counterblasting unit in the deck, used for additional pressure. (Note: Can potentially be removed for Magician Girl Kirara, but once again is used out of personal preference.)

-Grade 1-
Death Army Guy x4 – Used due to outstanding synergy with Asura Kaiser as well as Ultimate Lifeform Cosmolord.
Queen of Heart x3 – Used for 10k Vanguard abuse when boosting King of Heart.
Tough Boy x3 – Used out of necessity to counteract Hamburger-Time when boosting a 10k attacker, and otherwise to allow for additional early game pressure.
Dancing Wolf x3 – Used due to outstanding pressure not only late in the game but also earlier on due to the concentration of stand triggers.

-Grade 0-
Beast Deity White Tiger x1 – Used as a +1 due to ability to reach 16k when behind an 11k unit.
Battleraizer x4 – Staple stand trigger for Nova Grappler.
Turboraizer x4 – Staple stand trigger for Nova Grappler.
Lucky Girl x1 – My good luck charm. (I’m serious, I have never lost a game in which she was revealed as a drive check)
Canon Ball x3 – Used out of preference due to ability to create 16k columns if absolutely necessary.
Wall Boy x4 – Heal trigger that seems to like me more than Ring Girl Clara.
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My current Nova Grappler Deck.
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