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 Thread derailment

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G&P Kitsy


PostSubject: Re: Thread derailment   2013-01-12, 20:18

Alice wrote:
G&P Kitsy wrote:
Did I just read "Crossrides are automatically tier one"?
Don't start this bullshit. This is a thread about the differences in the JP and EN meta and how Bushiroad handled them.

This is the "Newbie Lounge", so you'll have to forgive me for not observing the unwritten rule that Crossrides being tier one is not to be challenged.

It's just, the entire argument as presented hinges on the idea that Crossrides automatically dominate the meta by virtue of being crossrides.

On my mind, the better argument to be made is that Set 5 was an absolute mistake and that it is what ruined the game.
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PostSubject: Thread derailment   2013-01-12, 20:28

Can't we all play nice?

(And casually live with the fact that Alice fucking HATES crossrides?)
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Thread derailment
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