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 New to vanguard deck help!

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PostSubject: New to vanguard deck help!    2013-04-02, 08:48

Hey guys i've just started vanguard and i'm interested in making a bermuda triangle deck mainly due to the fact that i love their artwork. I hope i can get some feedback with this deck, many thanks.


Grade 3
4x Pacifica
4x Carine/ceram

Grade 2
4x aqua
4x perla
3x flute

Grade 1
4x perle
4x sedna
4x elly (perfect guard)
2x myrtoa

Grade 0
8x crit
4x draw
4x heal
1x weddell (starter)
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PostSubject: Re: New to vanguard deck help!    2013-04-02, 10:33

Triggers are OK, change 2 Myrtoa and 1 Perle for Turquoise Blue, since there is no point to bounce skills when nothing has a skill that can bounce them.

Once you have the Turquoise Blues the Aquas can go for Girls Rock Rio.

Use Carine over Selam.
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New to vanguard deck help!
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