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 Gold Paladins

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PostSubject: Re: Gold Paladins   2013-06-05, 19:55

Quote :
For this deck, I just can't play with four. I just feel like It's not needed based on how the deck is constructed. To me, 3 has always felt better than 4. I guess you would actually have to see how I play in order to understand because explaining would just cause more problems.
I do win constantly with the deck. Honestly I've hardly ever seen the Holy Mages in playing the deck. (The whole shop has been training me and making sure I'm prepared for the Team Tournament)

V-Mundi does not accept feelings or anecdotal evidence as a valid argument. There is absolutely no substation here. You're not even trying.

Here is an example of a proper argument;

You should play 4 Garmore because it means you'll draw into it faster and or more often which will in turn allow you to grab specific cards from your deck quicker which in turn lets you run less copies of any other cards so you have a more varied selection of units that can be fetched at a similar rate that they can be drawn in any other deck without a similar skill.
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PostSubject: Re: Gold Paladins   2013-06-06, 08:31

Here's why you're completely wrong Sido and why you probably don't belong here if you can't stop acting this way:

Chance of riding Garmore by Turn 3 with 4 copies: ~68%
Chance of riding Garmore by Turn 3 with 2 copies: ~42%

Forty two percent chance for your main gambit? I hope you love being screwed out of the cards you need. And riding Garmore on top of anything else is completely useless since it doesn't give you advantage (especially with 1 Dindrane in the whole deck), it just trades out a Grade 3 for some other unit at a steep cost. That's really stupid.

As for 4 perfect guards, I'm not listing the dozen arguments I have against running less of these because then it would start to feel like I'm arguing with someone who doesn't believe Evolution is a fact. Scroll down to the Twin Blader picture with the heading "Perfect Guard" and read the reason you need 4 here:

Actually while you're at it, read the very last section (Testing) and, oh hell, read the whole damn thing.
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Gold Paladins
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